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10 Best Things To Do In Little Rock

Little Rock is a great city for tourists and locals alike. There’s plenty to do in Little Rock, from enjoying delicious food and drinks to taking advantage of its many outdoor opportunities. Here are some of my favorite things to do in Little Rock: Want to book flights check out round trip flights for great offers and deals

Old Ebbitt Grill

If you’re looking for a place to eat in Little Rock, one of the best options is Old Ebbitt Grill. If you don’t know what that is, it’s a restaurant that opened in 1856 and has been serving delicious food ever since.

Old Ebbitt Grill is located right in the center of downtown Little Rock, so it’s easy to get to by foot or car. The inside has an old-timey feel with high ceilings and large windows overlooking street traffic below. It can be busy during peak times but isn’t usually too crowded during lunch hours (though there may still be a wait). The wait staff is friendly and attentive without being pushy about making sure your meal was perfect every time (like some other restaurants I’ve visited have done).

The food at Old Ebbitt Grill is fantastic! They have an extensive menu full of sandwiches, salads, and pasta as well as steaks cooked over mesquite wood fire grills–everything tastes fresh and delicious considering how much they offer here!

The Hitching Post

The Hitching Post is a great place to go for dinner. The Hitching Post has a good selection of food and drinks, including burgers, salads, and entrees. The atmosphere at the Hitching Post is nice, making it a good place to eat with friends or family.


Wagshal’s, a grocery store in Little Rock since 1887, is a great place to pick up fresh produce and other goodies. The store also has a deli, bakery, and cafe!

It’s not just their food that makes them special (though their bread is some of the best you’ll find in the city), but also their family history. Wagshal’s is owned by brothers Bernard and Albin Wagshal III who has been running the business for many years now. One of the brothers’ daughters even runs her own business: Olive Oil & Vinegar Shop at home on Main Street!

Moon Palace Books

It’s a bookstore that sells used books and CDs. A place where you can get lost for hours in the stacks, sifting through the shelves and discovering things you didn’t know existed. The store has a very laid-back atmosphere; it’s not pretentious or intimidating at all, but rather filled with a comforting vibe that makes you feel like you’re at home—or even better than home!

And yes, they do have a children’s section where kids are welcome to play or read while their parent’s shop. Moon Palace Books is located on Main Street in downtown Little Rock, right across from River Market’s Carousel (one of our other recommended places).

Lucianos Italian Restaurant

Luciano is a local’s favorite for authentic Italian cuisine in Little Rock that has been around since the early 1950s. It’s located just south of Dickson Street on Colonel Glenn Road and has all the charm you’d expect from an old-school joint like this one.

They offer a wide range of traditional favorites like lasagna and fettuccine alfredo as well as more unique options like chicken marsala or shrimp scampi over linguini noodles if you’re looking for something different than your typical pasta dish on your next date night out with your sweetheart!

There are also several seafood dishes available if seafood isn’t already included in another option on their menu as well as several types of pizza options ranging from cheese only up through sausage links stuffed right into each slice before being baked so they’re nice and crispy when finished off at high temperatures inside large brick ovens throughout both floors at Luciano’s!

La Loma Mexican Restaurant

La Loma Mexican Restaurant has been a staple in Little Rock for years. It’s the epitome of authentic Mexican food and margaritas to boot. This restaurant was featured on the Food Network, so you know it’s good! If you need a little spice in your life, then La Loma is the place to go. They’re located in the River Market District where there are plenty of great things to do around town!

La Boum Brunch Party

If you want to treat yourself, this is the place to go. La Boum is an upscale French restaurant that has been around for years and it’s known for its fine dining experience. The menu is extensive with a variety of choices ranging from French classics like escargot to seafood dishes and even steak fries!

The atmosphere is extremely romantic with dim lighting and candlelight on each table. You can opt for early seating (9 am) or late seating (noon). The dress code here is casual chic: no jeans but nice comfy clothes are ok if you prefer not to dress up too much.

However, they do require jackets at dinner time so prepare accordingly if you plan on eating there later in the day. Also, note that children under 12 may not be allowed in after 6 pm so keep this in mind before making reservations as well! If you aren’t sure where Little Rock might take kids then check out our other article about great places families should visit together!

Kayak Shack and Campground

If you’re looking for a place to kayak, this is the place to go. They have an extensive fleet of kayaks and canoes that they rent out, as well as cabins available to rent on their property (the Shack and Campground) if you want to stay overnight.

There’s also a restaurant that serves sandwiches, soups, and salads as well as some other offerings like nachos or hotdogs if you get hungry while exploring with your paddle. They also have an area where you can bring your food or eat at one of their picnic tables.

There are two locations where the Shack & Campground are located: One in Little Rock (410 S Shackleford Rd), which is about 15 minutes from downtown Little Rock and another spot in North Little Rock (4225 Johnny Cash Dr) which is about 30 minutes from downtown NLR but has more availability for rentals during peak season since it’s closer to downtown than the first location does.

Hitsville Soul Food, Chili, and BBQ

Hitsville Soul Food, Chili, and BBQ are great places to visit. It’s fun to eat there and hang out with friends, but it’s best when you go on a date.


We hope you enjoyed our list of the top 10 things to do in Little Rock. If you have any suggestions for other great things to do, please leave them in a comment below! Want to rent a car check out the best car rental deals for great offers and deals.

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