How the Internet Helps Small Business Grow

New digital trends are evolving, social marketing is emerging, and technology is changing daily. These influence every aspect of life, including businesses, especially small companies still trying to grow. Today, the internet is vital for all business owners, either small or large-scale businesses. The internet helps in various ways, from marketing to gaining visibility and […]

8 Best Photo Editing Apps to Make Your Photo Looks More Professional

The best photo editing apps can turn your picture into a masterpiece. They are similar to Photoshop, but they are much easier to use. They’re perfect for people who don’t know how to use professional editing software like Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop. These apps will allow you to edit your pictures just like a professional […]

World-changing Applications of Artificial Intelligence after 2022

Artificial intelligence advancements are accelerating, and many experts believe that AI will be employed in nearly every industry over the next few years. According to academics, five major uses of artificial intelligence will revolutionise our society by 2022. Here are several examples. The AI market will be valued more than $32 billion in 2022, and […]

How does investing and trading in Penny Stocks work?

What Are Penny Stocks? Penny stocks refer to smaller stocks of small companies that trade at lower than 5$ a share. Some penny stocks trade on exchanges, while most are bought and sold through over-the-counter (OTC) transactions. Penny stocks are most often stocks of small companies that trade at a price of a few dollars. […]

Penny Stock vs. Regular Stock: What’s the Difference?

There are big differences in penny stock vs. regular stock investing—mostly centred around risk In assessing the differences between a penny stock vs. a regular stock, it’s important to define the two. Many of the best “regular stocks” are blue chip stocks. Blue chip companies can give investors an additional measure of safety in volatile […]