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Cordelia Cruises (India): An experience of lifetime

A holiday that has both the spark of the city and serenity of the sea. Seems surreal right? What do you think about a vacation in the sea? Imagine everything that you think you want in your dream vacation. Whether it be dining on a starry night, trying your luck on a poker table or exploring different destinations.

If you thought of a foreign vacation for all this, just forget about it. You have a better option in India itself, that’s the Cordelia Cruises. This Vacation is best done in any way, be it solo, with friends or with family, Cruises have always got you. Cordelia Cruises have got the best holiday offers for you.

Let’s take a look at The Cordelia Cruises and see what they have got for us!

Itinerary details about Cordelia Cruises

The Mumbai-Goa-Lakshadweep tour is a 5 day night tour.

The cruise gives you An opportunity to travel to The Arabian Sea and experience the stunning panoramic view of the sea. What a fascinating feeling would it be when you experience how huge the sea is, the horizon, the skyline, literally everything! The experience is very peaceful and leaves you full or void of emotions. This cruise takes 6 days and 5 nights to complete. This cruise sails on the route – Mumbai-Goa-Lakshadweep-Mumbai. The cruise is very luxurious and has very well maintained cabinets. The cruise is very kid friendly and gives luxurious amenities for an unforgettable experience.

Inside the Cordelia Cruise

As we enter the cruise, all the luggage is sanitised. There’s a photo booth where travellers can take pictures, later these pictures are given to them as they enter the ship. The first thing that we see as we enter the cruise is the reception area on the 5th floor. The 5th floor is the most fun and happening floor, as many activities are conducted on this floor. There are magic shows, dance shows and many shows are conducted here from time to time. The cruise has a capacity of 400 people. Then comes a Chairman’s Club, where constant slow music is played. The Chairman Club has a restaurant also. This is a chargeable activity, which you can enjoy at the cruise.

Wifi facility is also available here, priced $20 for 48 hours. A lot of fun activities for children that can be booked for children, like Tambola at a decent price. There are many activities for adults (18+) as well. These activities are mostly opted by couples. The cruise director is a one stop for all the solutions. All the announcements about the activities and other notices are given by the director. Constant note is taken for giving the best services to the travellers. The hospitality and staff of the cruise is very humble and are always there to help.

The rooms

Now, let’s move to the place you are going to live in. As you enter the cruise, you are given key cards. The number of people living in the room is equal to the number of cards you receive. The card is used for payments also. There are no cash transactions on the cruise except for the casino. There is a wardrobe and an attached washroom to the room. There are 2 beds in the room that can be opened in order to make bunk beds. These beds are appropriate for 2 adults and 2 kids. There are rooms available according to your preference. There is a stateroom as well as luxury rooms available on the cruise.

Amenities like towels, toiletries, hair dryer are available in the rooms.

About the food

Food is one of the most essential parts of travelling. There are a lot of people who travel just for food. There is a variety of food available on the cruise. Whether it be Vegetarian, Non-vegetarian, Vegan, Jain or even Baby food; literally everything you can think of! If you want, you can even make customizations for your food if needed. Whatever you want will be served to your plates with perfection. There’s even an option for sea view dinner on the 10th floor, which gives the passengers a glance of the beautiful sea while having dinner.

Activities at the Cordelia Cruises

Different kinds of workshops take place on the 6th floor that are called-Connections. Workshops like Magic Workshops, painting Workshops, and many more are held here.

On the 9th floor, there’s a kid’s play area and a library. There is a bridge tour available from the floor to the captain’s room. Here, the Captain tells us everything about the ship, how it sails, the temperature and the current location.

Then, the 10th floor has a rock climbing area for kids. Gym is also available at the cruise as well as a dome restaurant. One of the most exciting things on the cruise is the food court. Different kinds of food are served at the food court almost all day long. There’s a sun deck at the topmost part of the ship. You can enjoy the sunrise as well as sunset from here, that would be an unforgettable experience for you.

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