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Send big files with ease


No one wants to have to wrestle with mountains of data when trying to send large file. That’s why transferring files is so important, and TransferWise makes it easy for you. With our simple tools, you’ll be able to easily transfer any size file without issue. Plus, our fast shipping will get your files to your customers as soon as possible.

How to Send Big Files with ease.

FTP stands for the File Transfer Protocol, and it is a standard used to move files between computers. FTP is easy to use and can be used to send files of any size. To send a file using FTP, you first need to know the file’s filename and the computer on which you want it to be sent. Next, you need to type the FTP command in your chat box and then hit ENTER.

How to Use FTP to Send Files

When you use FTP to send files, you’ll need to specify the destination computer and the size of the file you want to send. The following example sends a file named “small.txt” with a size of 10K):

ftp://localhost/testfiles/small.txt 10K

Send Files with FTP

After sending the file using FTP, you’ll need to wait for it to be processed before refreshing your screen or logging out of your chat box in order for the next step in your journey (Sending Data) to take place. When sending data with FTP, always remember that no matter how big or small your files may be, there’s still magic in when they’re transferred over TCP/IP!

How to Use FTP to Upload Files.

To upload files with FTP, you first need to create a new FTP account and select the file format you want to send. You can choose to send files in any of several file formats, including zip, rar, and tar.

How to Select the File Format to Send

Next, you will need to input the filename and path of your file. The filename must be unique across all FTP folders and be at least 12 characters long. The path can be an absolute location or a relative path that points to a specific folder on your computer. Finally, you will need to provide some information about the file such as its size (in bytes), type (audio/video/file), and year of creation (e.g., 2010).

Upload Your Files

Once you have uploaded your file, you will need to select it for transport by clicking on the “upload” link in the main FTP screen. This will start uploading your file into the selected format. When complete, click on the “download” button in order to download your file into your local computer.

How to Use FTP to Download Files.

When you need to download a file quickly, FTP is the way to go. To start FTPing a file, first open a new window on your computer and type in the following: ftp://server/path/to/file.txt.

If you’re using Windows, you can also use the cmd prompt (cmd). To FTP files in a hurry, use the following command instead: ftp -r filename.txt

If you have an iPhone or other mobile device, you can also use Apple’s iPhone File Transfer app to help you download files quickly and easily.


FTP can be used to send large files with ease. By using FTP to upload files, send files in a variety of file formats, and download files quickly, you can easily create and manage large files.

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