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Weekend Getaways From Delhi (India)

Yes everyone needs a break from your day to day life so yes you should go on a weekend. Yes work is important but your mental and physical well being is also important soo think about some days off also so that you can even enjoy your life also. If you are in the capital of India that is Delhi then you are lucky you’ll be getting many opportunities to go to some places.

Following are the most beautiful weekend getaways from delhi.


You must have heard about a place called Manesar. Earlier it was not that known but now it has fully changed and is also called as a business hub. When you go there you’ll find many places for enjoying, including many resorts that you’ll love to visit. Not only a business hub but the area near and around Manesar is totally a scenic view which after seeing you will get lost in it’s beauty that’s the reason it is a very popular escape for the people of Delhi.


For a real escape mainly the people of Delhi use to go to hariyana it is a touristic place nearby that you can easily think about going. This place is very popular for its best scenic lake views, hot spring and many forts that are around. To reach Sohna which is the part of Haryana you have to travel 2 hours from Gurgaon meerut highway from there you can easily get there. Best time to visit there can be said as the month of September to February.

Garhwal Himalayas

Garhwal Himalayas is one of the most beautiful treks. It is also called the valley of God. This valley is very beautiful and so beautifully covered with flora and fauna and many beautiful different types of vegetation also. Barasu pass is called as the main source of the Yamuna river and this is also connected to baspa valley. People all around the world come to visit this trek just for the experience of the spectacular views found there. You’ll also witness their calm environment as well as a mesmerizing beauty full of charm.


The other reason why you would like this place will be the beautiful picturesque oak forests. These forests are mainly in uttrakhand region and are mainly getting to discover them only in some treks like brahmatal , roopkund and dayara bugyal. But as compared to everything, the oak forest is of kuari pass trek. From there you will also be getting a clear view of mountain Nanda Devi which is called as the highest mountain of India. This kuari pass is near a very perfect trekk where you will go through ancient forests which are full with oaks and rhododendrons.

Neemrana Rajasthan

A very historic place called as neemrana situated at the rajasthan district heritage lovers love to see this so it is called as one of the most popular among the heritage lover till 15th century it was just a fort but not it has been turned into a luxury hotel that will provide you with the best that you haven’t thinked about. You can go from Delhi Jaipur highway and it would just take 2hrs 30mins to reach there. The best time for visiting or for going there is winter but yes the people who love greenery and pose for some pictures would love to go there and have a beautiful stay there.

Alvar Rajasthan

One of the oldest cities of Rajasthan is Alvar which is very famous for its beautiful palaces and kingdoms which used to belong to kings and even forts. This place will make you feel as if you came into the time when kings used to rule. This is one of the best destinations which you can visit if you want to go to the place near Delhi. And in the outskirts area of alwar there is bhangarh fort which is a very famous haunted place of India. Best time for traveling there is November to February and from Delhi you can reach there within 3 hrs or sometimes 4 also.

This place is for the people who love the spiritual and scenic. This is the best for them and yes not so far from Delhi. It is the place of lord Krishna which is called as mathura. It’s famous for its spiritual temples and a very positive aura which that place provides you with and the best atmosphere with the best local people and some shops to explore also.

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